Actual Impairment Not A Factor For a Marijuana DUI in Arizona

April 2104 Update: Sanity prevails, and this decision was overturned.

You would think to be arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you would have to be under the influence of something, feeling its effects. Not so says an Arizona Court of Appeals who ruled last week that simply having marijuana’s active components in your body is enough for a conviction. And because THC (the active component in marijuana) stays present in the body for months, a toke last month could get you a DUI charge tonight. [Read more…]

SWAT Commander Sheds Light on Police Militarization

“I often wonder what separates human predator from human prey in today’s world. What is it that drives some to act as warrior and others to simply succumb to the evils of the world.” Such starts a thoughtful essay by Pinal County SWAT Commander Lieutenant Matt Thomas, printed here at The piece waxes philosophical about what makes a “good” cop or a “good” SWAT member, and it isn’t his commitment to protect and serve. No, in Thomas’ mind, it’s his “warrior mentality.” [Read more…]

Are There More Hate-Crimes in Phoenix or Is Enforcement Just Better?

Once again, Phoenix will rank above most other cities in the nation for the number of reported hate crimes. This could be taken a few ways—that Phoenix is especially prone to hateful people unafraid to break laws in order to express their disdain, or that the city is better at enforcing the hate crime laws, more quick to classify an offense under that heading. [Read more…]