Arizona Credit Card Thief Targeting Gas Pumps

Just buying gasoline in Arizona could result in your credit card number being stolen. According to reports, creative Arizona credit card thieves are using what’s called “skimmers” to obtain credit card information directly from the pumps and then using the numbers for their own benefit.

Local Arizona TV station KPHO recently covered this, trend which could make your next trip to the gas station costlier than ever.

Skimming is not new though it comes and goes from different cities. So far we have seen a jump in incidences in Kingman, Bullhead city, and Lake Havasu City and the news warns it may be coming to Phoenix next.

Unfortunately for gas customers, there is no way to know if a skimmer (often a flash drive) is present in the pump you use. As Dennis Ehrhart, director of Arizona’s Department of Weights and Measures says the only way to ensure you’re safe is to pay with cash.

As of yet, no arrests have been made in this rash of skimming. If and when the suspect(s) are caught, they could face a multitude of charges including credit card theft and fraudulent use of a credit card. For several of these charges, they could be facing years in prison.

Even if you don’t use the credit card or credit card numbers you are accused of stealing, you can still be charged with credit card theft. This offense is a Class 5 felony for the first time offender. If you are found with multiple credit cars, the charges will mount.

Whether you found someone’s credit card and didn’t intend to use or even if you admit to making a stupid mistake, I can help. Knowing the Arizona criminal laws governing credit cards and theft is my job and representing defendants is my passion.

When facing charges of fraud, theft, or identity theft, you need an aggressive defense attorney looking out for your best interests. Contact me today to discuss the charges against you and get some valuable legal advice.

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